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Needlepoint Canvas, Mono Deluxe, White "Orange Line",<br>ORDER BY THE 1/4 YARD<br> (Zweigart)<br>(6_choices)

Needlepoint Canvas is by Zweigart.

Mono Deluxe "Orange Line" white needlepoint canvas from Zweigart.

This is the premium canvas preferred by top needlepoint designers.

100% cotton.

Color: White.

40" wide.

Order information:
We are selling this canvas by the 1/4 yard.

Please order the number of 1/4 yard pieces you want.

If you want 1/4 yard by 40", order 1 piece
If you want 1/2 yard by 40", order 2 pieces
If you want 3/4 yard by 40", order 3 pieces
If you want 1 yard by 40", order 4 pieces, etc.

Your total order will be cut in 1 continuous piece of canvas.

If you order 1 yard or more, it will be shipped to you in a roll
* Because of postal regulations, all orders shipped outside of the U.S. will be folded *

M376-W4Retail: $12.00Our price: $10.99
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$5.95 Flat rate shipping

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