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Circle Cutter, scrapbook (Fiskars)<br>(2_choices)

Circle Cutter is perfect for scrapbooking!

This versatile tool instantly cuts perfect circles every time!

It's incredibly easy-to-use and is ideal for either left or right handed users.

The unique, clear base allows users to see exactly where they are positioning their cuts.

Adjustable arm enables crafters to cut circles from 1" to 8".

Works on paper, photos, cardstock and a host of other thin materials.

Package also contains two replacement blades.

Model: 9380

S119-9380-082616Retail: $30.00Our price: $24.99

Click to enlargeCircle Cutter - Replacement Blades, #9382, scrapbook (Fiskars)These refill blade carriages are designed to work with the Fiskars Circle Cutter 9380 only.

They slip into the cutting arm easily and cut various kinds of paper, cardstock, photos, and other thin materials.

This package contains 2 refill blade carriages and directions for replacement on the back of the package.

Caution: Blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.

S121-9382-082617Retail: $7.00Our price: $5.99

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