Mug 'Ems, Meals & More, Gift Cookbook (CQ Products)

Meals & More is a gift cookbook by Mug 'Ems

Give'em & Bake'em - Recipes in a Mug!

Mug'Ems are one of the most original ideas in homemade gift-giving. This book is filled with single-serving recipes that can be prepared and baked right in the mug!

Simply fill a small plastic bag with the dry ingredients, place the bag inside the mug and decorate. The recipient adds any additional ingredients (such as water or eggs) and bakes the recipe right in the mug!

Each recipe includes gift tags that can be personalized and attached, creating a simple and clever gift that everyone will love.

The Meals & More book includes recipes for single-serving breakfasts, casseroles, vegetables and side dishes.

Sample recipes: Chicken & Rice Casserole Mix, Macaroni & Cheese Mix, Egg & Sausage Bake Mix, Tuna & Noodle Casserole Mix.

Measures: 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"

132 pages

Black plastic coil

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