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Music Box, cross stitch, Choose: Greensleeves, Edelweiss, Blue Danube,  Beautiful Dreamer<br>(4_choices)

Pretty gold frame for your stitching tops this acrylic music box.

Gold music works on the interior.

Design size is 2 3/16".

Overall diameter is 2 5/8"; height is 1 9/16".

Comes in a gift box.

Lid removes to add a single layer of needlework, photo, or artwork.

No covering over the design.

Lid is on tightly and is very stiff to remove.

Place music box on a table, put your thumbs in the center of the box and lift the gold rim with all fingers. It is not a twist on lid, but if you twist it the box and the bottom comes off instead, simply snap it back together.

Fabric and pattern not included

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