Click to enlargeWinners from March 1, 2008 Drawing

Prize: 4 packages of Gift Tags!

This set of gift tags were drawn by Amy Bloom for the Cornell Collection.

There are 6 tags per package. Each tag measures 3 1/2" x 4 1/4" and are tan in color.

Tags have a small hole in the top, left corner perfect for a ribbon or tie.

(Gift Tags may not be the exact ones shown, but will be very similar)

There will be 5 winners, each will receive 4 packages of Gift Tags.

To protect privacy, only the first part of the email address of the winners is listed.

If you are a winner, please send your name and address. You must send your name and address FROM THE WINNING EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Winners will be sent the prize. When a winner is confirmed, the name, city and state will be listed below.


1. Phyllis LaCroix, West Union, Illinois

2. Daniela Knapp, Longmont, Colorado

3. Tonya Ward, Cooper City, Florida

4. Judy Menzel, Igo, California

5. Sonya Carter, Atlanta, Georgia

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