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Prize: Project Runway: Designer Doll Starter Kit!

Everything you need to start designing your own fabulous fashion creations!

Contains laminated doll with easel back, designer stencil, 8 sheets assorted papers, 12 self-adhesive jewels, 20 sequins, 6 pieces ribbon, 1 tube silver glitter glue, 1 pair die cut foam boots, 1 pair die cut foam shoes, 20 sticky tabs, tape measure, Project Runway backdrop & instructions.

Each doll stands approximately 13" high, is laminated and comes with a stand for easy play.

There will be 5 winners, each will receive: Project Runway: Designer Doll Starter Kit

(Designs may not be the exact ones shown, but will be of equal of better value)

To protect privacy, only the first part of the email address of the winners is listed. If the winner is from a Facebook entry, the first initial and last name is listed.

If you are a winner, please send your name and address. You must send your name and address FROM THE WINNING EMAIL ACCOUNT or FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

Winners will be sent the prize. When a winner is confirmed, the name, city and state will be listed below.


1. Peggy Schmidt, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2. Richard Degler, Indianapolis, Indiana

3. Crystal Gibson, Ogden, Utah

4. Natalie Melo, Mamaroneck, New York

5. Carrie Chapman, Terre Haute, Indiana

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