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Prize: 4 packs of Jolee's Boutique 3-D scrapbook stickers

Prize includes:

Each winner will receive: 4 packs of Jolee's Boutique 3-D scrapbook stickers

4 packs of Jolee's Boutique scrapbook stickers

Jolee's Boutique Ornate Stickers offer scrapbooking and paper crafters a new dimension!

Intricate designs are created from handmade paper sticker pieces and embellished with fine quality beads, foils, fabrics and wire.

This magnificent collection of unique 3-D, self adhesive stickers will enhance any project with a quality look.

Enjoy mixing and matching to create a treasure to cherish for many years.

Papers and adhesives used are acid free.

Sticker pack measures: 4" x 4"

(Prize may not be the exactly as shown, but it will be of equal of higher value.)

To protect privacy, only the first part of the email address of the winners is listed.

If you are a winner, please send your name and address. You must send your name and address FROM THE WINNING EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Winners will be sent the prize. When a winner is confirmed, the name, city, and state will be listed below.


1. Megan Sullivan, Lawrence, Kansas

2. Sherry Montello, West Jordan, Utah

3. Claire Lafleur, Rutland, Vermont

4. Sarah Schultz, Fairfax, Virginia

5. Joann Hamilton, Juno Beach, Florida

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